Scotland, Fermented

Has it really been six weeks since B and I returned from Scotland? Of course it has! That was a rhetorical question. I don’t honestly expect you, dear reader, to keep track of my various comings and goings. Anyway…

I wanted to give my Scottish adventure a little time to ferment before making this entry. It has, so here goes.

This trip to Scotland was different from my previous two in a number of ways. First and foremost, I was traveling with B, my 17-year-old son. It had been several years since the two of us had traveled together, and it was his first true overseas trip.

B. kept a small digital camera in his pocket (as did I), and it was interesting to see what he determined to be photo-worthy: cityscape views from Edinburgh Castle, the Royal Mile, Loch Lomond and its surrounding Highland hills (a day trip), and the various pubs we visited. I tried to feed him morsels of Scottish history here and there–especially those relating to Clan Stewart, which he accepted with minimal annoyance. I think B really benefited from our being able to spend some time with my Scottish friends Bill and Ewan. It gave him a personal connection to a foreign place. Hanging out with them helped me relax and feel more at home, too.

The entire visit felt more personal than my previous ones had. I think that has a lot to do with staying in one place the whole time (Edinburgh), as opposed to touring about the country as I’d done in the past (not that that doesn’t have its own merits). By the end of our stay, I felt extremely comfortable in Edinburgh. So did B. He wanted to wander around on his own a bit, and I was fine letting him.

As usual, I enjoyed many conversations with various shopkeepers, bartenders and my fellow pub patrons. But this time, the conversations felt more leisurely, more relaxed. Maybe it was because it wasn’t summer–the tourist season. More likely, it was just me feeling more at ease. I am forever amazed at how genuinely accommodating the Scots are, and while every visit feels personal, this one felt even more so.

B is anxious to return to Scotland (he wants to see Glasgow next), and, of course, so am I. (I’m pretty sure there are still a few beers I haven’t tried.) I’m sure I’ll have some more well-fermented observations to make on our trip. Stay tuned.

At Loch Lomond


One Response to “Scotland, Fermented”

  1. Bill Sinclair Says:

    H – Glasgow next….now you’re talking! Taske it as read that this soap-dodgin’ smelly weegie will again be there again to host your visit – didn’t get enough beers in Edinburgh, would make sure I/we did in Glasgow. To the next time, buddy – B

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