Prom Drama, Part 2

A lot of people (okay, a couple of people) have asked me about the outcome of the prom situation. Well, B.’s involvement with the Prom Weekend Jersey Shore Hormonal Bacchanal ended just as the universe is supposed to–with a whimper, not a bang.

After all of B’s life-or-death pleadings to attend this affair, I never heard another word about it. It just went away. Poof! I thought about the topic from time to time, but I never brought it up with B. Why stir the hornets’ nest?

Thing of it is, I never actually said no. I just told B. that before I would grant him permission to attend, I’d have to speak to a responsible adult. Apparently, this was just too high a price to pay.

The prom was this past weekend, and I haven’t heard any national news reports regarding teenage disaster at the Jersey Shore, so I suppose the affair went off without incident. B.’s friend S. attended, and he was home last night, though God knows how much worse for wear. B.’s female friend A. did not attend, and because I know her parents, she was one of the leveraging points B. used to make his argument.

B.’s prom is this Friday night. Five days away, and to the best of my knowledge, B. does not have a date. Not that this is the end of the world. Apparently, quite a few students go sans dates. I find that a bit strange, but I’ve learned not to apply my antiquarian values toward today’s youth. Though I still think I was right about this whole Jersey Shore business.


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