Be My Elton, Part 2

Here’s a new song for all you tunesmiths to tackle. Have fun!

“Angel of Father’s Day”

lyrics by Hank Stewart
© 2007

You never know when the phone will ring,
Or when you really say goodbye.
Bolts of lightning don’t announce themselves,
Or give you a place to hide.

A day’s a very fragile thing.
It can turn dark very quickly.
Eyes blink and stones fly.
Even the strongest become sickly.

All that I hold dear to me.
Dangled right in front of me.
The greatest gifts you seldom see.
All that I hold dear to me.

I thank God you’re still here with me,
That you got up and walked away.
The angel you kept on your shoulder
Carried you into Father’s Day.

We talk about lessons learned,
And things you should never forget.
But there’s plenty here to go around.
Thoughts I wish I hadn’t met.


What if’s flood my brain.
Drive me far from sane.
I’ve been spared the pain,
But scared the same.
It’s only in retrospect
That I can truly see
How close your hand got
To the flame.

If a fortune’s found in fortune,
And the currency is luck,
Then I’m a wealthy man today,
Driving slowly in an armored truck.



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