Jack Loves Nashville

So far, the highlights of Jack’s trip to Nashville have involved internal combustion engines and a gun.


On Saturday afternoon, while visiting the old Stewart family farm (and the modest farmhouse known as “the homestead”), cousin Ginny asked Jack if he’d like to drive the Kawasaki Mule, the four-wheeler they keep in the barn. While Jack gave an enthusiastic, “sure!,” I said, “Ginny, you’re on your own with this one.” Ginny started the Mule, backed it out of the barn, and handed the controls to Jack. I watched as they lurched away. About 100 yerds down the gravel path, Jack suddenly hit the brakes, and I watched in terror as Ginny nearly was eject out the front of the vehicle. Only grabbing onto the front post saved her. The rest of their spin was uneventful, and when he finally pulled the Mule back into the barn, Jack had a huge grin on his face.


Jack and Ginny get underway.

Jack and Ginny get underway.


Steven, a different type of mule.

Steven, a different type of mule.




Jack’s second automotive encounter happened Sunday morning, when I took him for his inaugural run on a Go Kart track. He was in the car ahead of me, and I was amazed when he fired out of the gate, and sped down the course like he’d been doing it for years. Naturally, when we finished our five minute run, he wanted to do it again immediately. I suggested a round of miniature golf as a buffer. Eighteen holes later, we were back on the racetrack. This time, there were a bunch of older guys behind us, who eventually caught up with Jack, and caused him to spin out and slam into one of the rails. No big deal, just good hard racin’. Jack got righted, and we continued the race.


Sunday afternoon, we visited with my cousin, Ralph, who is now 78 years old. jack noticed a rifle sitting by Ralph’s kitchen door, and asked about it. Ralph explained it was an unloaded 22 caliper rifle he’s owned for 30 or 40 years. He asked if Jack would like to handle it, and Jack jumped at the chance. Ralph demonstrated how to load, cock and fire the weapon, and Jack spent the next 90 minutes sitting in the living room doing just that, while Ralph and I discussed a variety of things. Jack peppered Ralph with a barrage of firearms questions: what’s the loudest gun you’ve ever shot? How far does the longest bullet from any of your guns go? How big is the biggest bullet from any of your guns?


I think Jack may have a future as a NASCAR driver, or Second Amendment attorney. Or both!


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