I’m Doing Something Today

I took a walk through the cemetery this morning. Not surprisingly, my thoughts turned to my own mortality. I wondered, how would I feel if I were to die today?

Cheated. That was my first reaction. If I were to die today, I would have to throw the bullshit flag. No way. Not possible. I’ve got too much left to do. I would feel robbed.

Cheated. It was an honest answer, but was it the right answer? I very quickly shifted my thoughts to gratitude for all the blessings I have, including–especially–this day of life.

My father taught me to always treasure each Day of Life. Don’t let anything ruin your Day of Life, he would advise. He died at age 49, six years younger than I am today. I wonder if he felt cheated.

I felt my father’s advice in the cemetery today, and vowed to Do Something today. Bringing  this blog out of its coma is the first thing. I’ll do other things today. Some may be insignificant, some may be monumental, but at least I will have made this blog post. I’m back.


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