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Six Reasons Why You Should Use Numbered Lists In Your Next Business Article

August 23, 2012

Numbered lists! You just can’t write an effective business article today without ’em. Here’s what you get when you put them work for you!

1. Authority. Using a numbered list makes you the Unequivocal Expert on the topic at hand. If you say there are seven reasons why “Booty Call” is a better movie than “Citizen Kane,” then there seven reasons why “Booty Call” is a better movie than “Citizen Kane,” dammit!

2. Brevity. If a reader knows a premise can be explained in, say, six reasons, he/she can plow right through it. The topic could be just about anything. I mean, six lousy reasons is hardly a major time commitment. You’ve had sneezes that lasted longer than that.

3. Navigational efficiency. Using a numbered list provides a consistent set of mileposts that allow the reader to know exactly what kind of progress he/she is making in your article. For example, you are now halfway through.

4. Effectiveness. For better or worse, people read articles with numbered lists. Right? By the way, you’re two-thirds of the way through this one.

5. Comfort. Since virtually all of today’s business advice articles contain numbered lists, your reader will feel relaxed and comfortable with the format. And remember, it’s a short throw from Comfort to Commerce.

6. Vacuousness. When you write an article with a numbered list, you don’t actually have to say anything. Behold the smoking gun!